From the recording The Moon Series

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Pleiades Suite 1

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An abstraction on the expansiveness of the night sky - in all it's magnificent beauty, wonder & vastness. As depicted in Greek Mythology by the beautiful daughters of the titan Altas that were turned into a constellation of stars. And paralleled in many indigenous cultures especially the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime star story of the 7 sisters who fly into the sky from Earth chased by the Jackamarra man. Derived from a solo piece & expanded into three suites.


Run, flee into the wind
Colour night time skies
Edge of the horizon

And she, she flies on the wind
Shoulders holding everything
Pleiades rising

And she's the words that she sings
Forever and ever and ever escaping
So float your letters to the wind red skies and burnt offerings

In the house of a thousand lights
I remembered our plight
As old gods wake in time and space
You'll know me not then nor now